Not to be mistaken with SMS-advertising: it is way better! SMS – survey is an extremely efficient method used both in B2C and B2B research. mkt4Q is specifically developed solution sends Short Text Messages to the previously established and enrolled customer panel.

telephone and sms

The participants follow the instructions responding in real time. An excellent alternative to telephone surveys or internet surveys, where participants do not need neither phone nor internet access and can respond on the go. During the recruitment process participants commit themselves to responding within established period of time, this allows practically instant data analysis.

Data are collected in mkt4Q's servers, by a provider managing delivery and receival of all texts.




  • Zeta Research has the exclusive rights of using a method to measure “sensitive” issues for clinical and market research in Italy.
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  • Zeta Research is going to present new Scale-up methods at UN conference in Brasil. Exclusively rapresenting it for Italian market.
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