Zeta Psycho Bio Lab was born with the intent of complementing the common qualitative and quantitative techniques of data collection for the study of a product, by extending them to the evaluation of objective physiological and psycho-behavioral parameters for the study of human-product interaction.


These parameters vary from simple activation indicators, as cardiac frequency to complex indicators such as the thermic variations of the body and motor activation to include emotional aspects as valued by rigorous validated techniques and licensed operators.
By measuring the variations of parameters provided by the psycho-bio-feedback it is therefore possible to evaluate to which extent the emotional involvement of a consumer ..

The valued subject is normally exposed to a series of stimuli that depend on the needs of the consigner (from the product to the advertising film clips that present it) and it is monitored by a series of physiological-psychological and behavioral parameters including the subject emotional asset.


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  • Zeta Research has the exclusive rights of using a method to measure “sensitive” issues for clinical and market research in Italy.
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  • Zeta Research is going to present new Scale-up methods at UN conference in Brasil. Exclusively rapresenting it for Italian market.
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