Brand awareness is essential not only as a driver of the market, but also as a promoter of customers' retention. People like to buy from names they trust and that they can identify with; when a logo and tagline are easy for them to remember, the brand comes to symbolize The Company and it's the first thing to come to the consumer's mind when they're ready to buy.

IBAI card

Whether the need is to know where does your brand stand among the competitors, or planning on entering a new market with a product or desiring to know how is your brand seen among the customers, mkt4Q has developed a validated tool to answer to these necessities.

The IBAI © (International Brand Awareness Instrument) Questionnaire was developed to answer these and many more questions about brand awareness and brand perception, which allows to gather insights on customers' knowledge about various brands, products and its categories. Just ask a question and mkt4Q will provide you with a scientifically supported answer.

IBAI © is an age-appropriate instrument that uses 12 sheets with pictures of food logos to test recall and recognition, already used in ten different countries (Italy, Germany, France, UK, Mexico, Georgia, India, Chile, Argentina and Brazil) and suitable to be adapted to any other country.

In the IBAI ©, the 12 logos of the selected brands are paired with 4 pictures of foods, and only one of them is correctly matched with the logo. IBAI © is composed by 12 flash cards, with one logo and four pictures of choices of foods (of which one is paired with the logo on the top of the card). Each IBAI ©, suitable for the country of interest, is composed by both brands of international and local foods.

For each flash card every consumer is asked three questions in order to verify her/his knowledge about the brands and about the products associated with each of the selected brands:

  1. the product associated with the logo;
  2. the name of the logo;
  3. the name of the product.

Brand Awareness Scores (IBAI ©-score) scores can define specific target population, improving the specificity of any study or survey where this instrument is used.

The development of instrument such as IBAI ©, specific for each country, might result very interesting in the analysis of the implication of food marketing on behaviour.




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